Andrea Beilner MA, LMHC, LPC

Throughout my years in the mental health field, I have grown and developed a passion for creating a better world and community of therapists who care for not only their clients and the work they do, but also the community of other clinicians as well. Supervision and teaching the next generation of therapists is something that is incredibly important to me. 


As a supervisor of all levels, I strive to identify the needs, goals and developmental stages of the supervisee in order to inform the level of support and supervision. I believe that supervision is a safe space for growth development and learning. As an integrative therapist, I work towards supporting my supervisee in the learning process that they are looking for. As a supervisor I aim to support clinicians in their learning to help create a safe, social justice minded and honest space for clients. Therefore, my goal as a teacher and trainer is to help you support clinicians grow and develop. Creating a better community of therapists. 


I began my journey understanding people and psychology at City University of Seattle earning a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. During which I worked in hospital settings supporting high ER utilizers through mental health services and medical support. Then, my own experience with counseling inspired me to continue on and achieve my Masters in therapy at Walden University. During my internship I focused on high acuity children’s mental health services, foster care, and family therapy. As I continue to grow, I have expanded my practice into working with neurodiverse adults, and young adults in their self discovery and trauma healing. 


As a Washington Native living in Arizona, I find inspiration in the natural outdoors and exploration we have, but also have an itch for exploring, and experiencing other cultures with my camera in tow.